Why Quipster?

Posted on 18 March 2017


“Quipster - a person inclined to make sarcastic or witty remarks”


So you’re all probably wondering, why Quipster?! Well that’s exactly how we describe ourselves! Sarcastic and witty with a dabble of good old fashion fun!


T-Shirts Quipster by Andi the Graphic Designer

Andi the Artist doing what he does best. One of the original Quipster prototype creations!


Hand drawn by the very talented ‘Andi the Artist’ and printed onto natural fabric, each design is created and manifested through the observation of everyday people doing everyday things and turning them into something simple, comical and creative works of art.


T-Shirt Quipster Beard for women and men


Each character has been designed with the intention to remind you of someone you know. Be it the Quipster Beard; a hairy, sunglass wearing hipster or the Quipster Princess; a precious little miss perfect with a dangerous spending habit, Quipster has a story for everyone, even you!


Quipster Beard for all the hipsters out there! Available in both black and white.

Take a sneaky look at the Quipster Beard!


Something that you also probably didn't know is that Quipster is designed in Salzburg, Austria!  A city full of rich history and old school culture as well as being a playground to many of Austria’s young and up and coming creatives, it is home to the famous Sound of Music production, the birthplace of musical genius; Mozart, and let us not forget the ohhh so glorious world class skiing located right at our doorsteps!
We too, proudly call Salzburg our magical place where these little Quipster characters come to life!

If you’re visiting Salzburg, a photo opportunity in front of the Mozart Birth House and a quick pit stop at Quipster’s White Store to grab yourself a Mozart shirt is a must! 


Available in fresh white and crisp black! Exclusive to our Quipster retail stores only. 


We think Quipster should be added to Tripadvisor’s top 10 Things to do in Salzburg! Don’t you!? 
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