Quipster Character Ghost on black unisex T-Shirt

Quipster Ghost T-shirt

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Jealous of Casper's fame, Quipster's Ghost longs to be adored! He is not the most successful ghost on the planet: people just aren't scared of him, even though he tries really hard. One more reason for his lack of success is that he is the one who's notoriously scared of pretty much everything out there. He needs to visit motivational classes and even goes to therapy.

But Halloween is his day to shine: on that day he doesn't need to scare anyone, just be part of the crowd, eat candies und fool around with fellow (fake) ghosts.

+  Size and Fit
    - Unisex cut
    - Designed for a loose fit for women

+  Composition and Care
    - 100% cotton
    - Cold machine wash

+  Designed in Austria