• Awesome Hans T-Shirt Design by Quipster
  • Awesome Hans T-Shirt Design by Quipster

Awesome Hans T-Shirt Design by Quipster

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Married to Helga for 30 years, the lovable Hans embodies everything that connects us to our beloved home country, Austria. He's easy-going, a lover of life and knows the true meaning of happiness - Beer and Pretzels! An Austrian country boy to his core, he runs his own micro beer brewery in Quipsterland. Oh by the way, he is not only a beer aficionado, but also a passionate eater and has won several Weisswurst eating contests.

All t-shirt designs are unisex, cut from pure cotton for a classic/regular fit. Size ranges from XS-XXL. Get the matching Helga T-shirt!  

  • Unisex cut 
  • Colour: white 
  • 100% cotton
  • Cold machine wash
  • Designed in Austria 


Our promise

We believe that every customer has the right to know where our product come from and under which circumstances they are produced. Therefore we will always guarantee that all Quipster T-shirts are manufactured in Istanbul (Turkey) under human-friendly conditions. Our focus is on building strong personal relationships with factory owners to ensure the factory's integrity and to maintain ethical production practices at every step of the way. In our opinion, our designs should appeal to the soul and the body, for this reason we have high quality standards of our materials. All of our T-shirts are lovingly made of 100% premium cotton.

We dearly love all of our products, that’s why they get the same treatment, regardless if they are on sale or not.

Even though we cherish our hometown of Salzburg, we are here for you in our online store around the clock.

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