• The Best Lifeguard T-Shirt Grey Collection by Quipster

The Best Lifeguard T-Shirt Grey Collection by Quipster

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No one knows that our Lifeguard has a serious sweet tooth. Every morning before he starts his shift as a lifeguard at Quipsterbeach, he shoves some Donuts in his mouth. Unfortunately it's become a habit, that's why he has gained some serious fat rolls around the hips. But hey, at least he is creative! He started to wear his rubber duck to hide his muffin tops. Clever, huh?

Meet Quipster's very own Lifeguard! The only lifeguard who needs swimming assistance from a rubber ducky, but he tries his best nonetheless!

Quipster has now released a premium collection of unisex T-shirts which includes some of the most popular Quipster characters!

A limited edition range, all T-shirts from the Grey Collection is made from very soft cotton blend material, very easy to wear and cut for a classic/regular fit Size ranges from XS-XXL. The Lifeguard is also available in Black and White.

  • Unisex cut
  • Colour: grey 
  • 65% cotton: 35% polyester 
  • Cold machine wash
  • Designed in Austria 



Our promise

We believe that every customer has the right to know the origin of our products and under which circumstances they have been produced. Therefore we will always guarantee that all Quipster T-shirts are produced in Turkey under human-friendly conditions. We highly prioritise building strong personal relationships with factory owners to ensure the factory's integrity and to maintain ethical production practices at every step of the way. We believe that our designs appeal to the soul and the body, which is why we aim high in terms of the quality of the materials used for our products.

We dearly love all of our products, that’s why they get the same treatment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at one our stores in Salzburg and Vienna, or you can visit us online and shop around the clock.

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