• Nerd Kids Cap by Quipster
  • Nerd Kids Cap by Quipster

Nerd Kids Cap by Quipster

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First things first: the reason why Nerd is one of our most beloved Quipsters is that he started it all: He was one of the first Quipsters around. A true classic that is featured in all our collections. That alone makes him a legend! 

The Sheldon Cooper of Quipsterland was born with an IQ somewhere beyond 150. Like many other nerds, he's not known to be a fashionista, and he's not exactly a womanizer either, so he very much relies on his good friend's help: our Beard knows how to get all the girls and desperately tries to teach Nerd - without success though.

On his days off, he's passionate about solving some of the biggest mysteries of mankind: he's come up with a formula that solves the Buttered Toast Phenomenon

Hint: No one has seen him and Q-Man in the same room at the same time... Isn't that so strange?!

Look fresh with Quipster's trending Kids cap this season! Pair it up with the matching Kids T-shirt!

  • Embroided Quipster Nerd design on the front 
  • Unisex design
  • Colour: black 
  • Adjustable snap fastening 

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