Quipster Character Eggshell on white unisex T-Shirt

Quipster Eggshell T-shirt

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Ever wondered what came first...The Quipster or the egg!? We will leave that up to your imagination!

To this day, Scientists haven't captured the birth of a Quipster in the wild on camera. But the appearance of our Quipster Eggshell leads to assumptions that each Quipster's life starts in an egg. So keep your eyes open, next time you're hiking and you see a weird looking egg it might be a Quipster egg. Please hand it to a scientist and help shed light on one of the biggest mysteries of mankind! Get the matching kids T-shirt!

+  Size and Fit
    - Unisex cut
    - Designed for a loose fit for women

+  Composition and Care
    - 100% cotton
    - Cold machine wash

+  Designed in Austria