• The Best Ghost T-Shirt Design by Quipster
  • The Best Ghost T-Shirt Design by Quipster

The Best Ghost T-Shirt Design by Quipster

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Jealous of Casper's fame, Quipster's Ghost longs to be adored! He is not the most successful ghost on the planet: people just aren't scared of him, even though he tries really hard. One more reason for his lack of success is that he is the one who's notoriously scared of pretty much everything out there. He needs to visit motivational classes and even goes to therapy. 
But Halloween is his day to shine: on that day he doesn't need to scare anyone, just be part of the crowd, eat candies und fool around with fellow (fake) ghosts.
All t-shirt designs are unisex, cut from pure cotton for a classic/regular fit. Size ranges from XS-XXL.
  • Unisex cut
  • Available colour(s): white/black
  • 100% cotton
  • Cold machine wash
  • Designed in Austria

Our promise

We believe that every customer should have the right to know the origin of their product and under which circumstances it has been produced. Therefore we always guarantee that all Quipster T-shirts are produced in Turkey under human-friendly conditions. Our focus lies on building strong personal relationships with factory owners to ensure the factory's integrity and to maintain ethical production practices at every step of the way. For us, our designs appeal to the soul and the body, for this reason we aim high concerning the quality of our materials. Our T-shirts are lovingly made of 100% premium cotton.

We dearly love all of our products, that’s why they get the same treatment, regardless if they are on sale or not.

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