Quipster Character Q-Man on black unisex Backpack

Quipster Q-Man Backpack


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Stuck in a tree and saved by a cat, Quipster's Q-Man is not the most heroic superhero you have ever met! He has always been a mystery. Nobody has ever seen him without his famous Q-mask. And we keep asking overselves: who is this guy?? No one can question his big heart and his strong sense for justice. But please... keep this guy out of any crime scene! Since he started to "fight" the evil, the bad guys are having the times of their lifes. The government spends thousands of Q-dollars to get this man to be a better super hero. Unfortunately without success.. Get the matching T-Shirt!

+  Size
    - 47 x 37 cm

+  Composition and Care
    - 100% cotton

+  Designed in Austria