About Quipster

With a keen interest in fashion, Akin was always fascinated in creating
something interesting and unique for himself, so he came up with the idea of creating
a line of T-shirts in black and white, with simple and comical hand drawn
caricatures of stereotypical characters created by Andreas, the Quipster artist and a friend of Akin.

But wait! Akin and Andreas didn’t do this alone. Alina, Akin's now wife believed
whole heartedly in Akin's ideas and his ability to run a successful business, so after graduation,
Alina joined Akin to help grow Quipster into what it is today.

Everything is designed in Austria, and Quipster is all about high-quality materials.
The name "Quipster" describes someone who is very positive and makes a lot of jokes.
All Quipster characters are created to make people laugh and brighten their mood.
The very first Quipster store in Salzburg's Griesgasse was opened in December 2014.
Followed by two more stores in 2016 in Getreidegasse in Salzburg and Kärntnerstraße in Vienna.

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